How to Get Better Rankings

Take Your Rankings to The Top With Search Engine Optimization, Better Local SEO

To get better rankings in major search engines like Google and Bing you need to focus on creating a great site that contains content your visitors will find useful. Of course, Its a little more complicated than that, but we’re here to walk you through the process, so let’s get started!

Step 1: Determine Your Goal

This step should be pretty easy, but it is also very important, you need a clear goal if you are to achieve the desired results. Although it is possible for a website to accomplish more than one goal, it is of course, easier to focus on one.

Search Engine Optimization
Local SEO – Search Engine Optimization
What is Your Goal?
In order to create a successful site you need to have a goal, and then make a plan that lays out exactly how you will reach that goal. If you want your website to rank well your plan needs to be focused, so don’t try to be all things to all people. The best course of action is almost always focusing on a niche, then explaining to your target audience why you are the best choice for widgets in town.


  • Self
  • Competition
  • Audience
  • Limits
“Google is pushing for ALL sites to be secure. Your URL should begin with “https” instead of “http” which means the site is secured using an SSL Certificate.”

Step 2: Creating Your Website

Now that you have set a goal, created a plan and know who your target audience is its time to create an amazing website. Every aspect of your website design should be focused on accomplishing your goal, which means you need to get your visitors to do something. What that something is will vary depending on your goals, but make sure your website is like a funnel with all points leading to your something.


  • Sell Products
  • Promote Services
  • Branding
  • Generate Leads
  • Customer Service
Social Media Footprint
Create a Social Media Footprint

Step 3: Creating a Digital Footprint

Although there are many factors involved in the ranking process, one of the most important factors is reputation. How does Google know you can be trusted? How do the search engines know whether or not you are reliable? One of the fastest, easiest and best ways to establish your reputation is to create a digital footprint.

How Do I Create a Digital Footprint?

Creating a digital footprint is pretty easy, and it is something that MUST be done to protect your brand and to grow your business online. As soon as your site is live you need to start registering accounts on all the top social networks and other authority sites. This will help you begin the process of creating a digital footprint.

You can start by getting listed on the sites below if applicable, but this is only the beginning and you should spend time researching sites that are specific to your industry and get listed on or interact with any sites that could benefit your business.

Suggested Accounts

  • Google+
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Yelp
  • LinkedIn
  • YouTube

There are of course many more sites out there, but this is a good start. Remember, be consistent and create pages using your exact name if at all possible. If you have not registered your business yet you may want to consider creating a unique name to ensure you can secure and instead of a variation of your name, which could be confusing and make branding more difficult.

Google +
Social Media

Step 4: Making Time Makes a Difference

We all want better ranking, but few of us set aside the time needed to accomplish our goals, including me. Unfortunately improving your rankings will require hard work on your part. However, the good news is few of your competitors will set aside time each day to improve their search engine rankings, which means you have the opportunity to rank very well for your chosen keywords if you put forth the effort to do so.

Create a Marketing Plan That Works for You

Being a website designer with 20 years of experience you may be shocked to know I have never dedicated any time to marketing my business. As a professional, I have of course spent a great deal of time marketing my business, but I have only recently set aside time dedicated solely for that purpose.

My Plan is Simple and it Works for Me

You need to create a plan that works for you because that is the only way you will stick to it. My plan is simple, I get to work an hour earlier each day and devote that hour to creating new content for my site, updating existing content, social media management, and other related tasks. In the future, I may consider devoting specific days to content, social media, and other marketing efforts because it may be more efficient.

Suggested Marketing Efforts

  • Social Media Management
  • Create New Pages and Posts
  • Update Existing Content
  • Network With Other Businesses

How and when you do these things are not as important as doing them. However, I believe it helps to set aside time each day to promote your business. Increasing your search engine rankings, promoting your brand on social media sites, and networking with other businesses in your area are all fantastic ways to grow your business online and offline.

Final Thoughts

Careful planning and perfect execution of that plan will go a long way towards ensuring your success, so take your time throughout the process. Work smart, do your research, KNOW your goal and how you plan to reach that goal. Don’t be afraid to reach out to family, friends or professionals for advice or assistance, but remember your the boss, so be the boss and make good well-informed choices.


  1. Plan and Define Your Goals
  2. Build an Amazing User Focused Site
  3. Create a Size 14 Digital Footprint
  4. Carefully Manage Your Online Presence

Editors Note: This post was updated on 8/24/2018 (Added Step 4) to add additional information that may be beneficial to your efforts to improve the rankings of your website.



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