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A Website Design Blog

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The My Island Designs Blog

Welcome to the My Island designs blog where you will find a variety of articles we have written to help you grow your small business by taking advantage of online marketing opportunities. Although we would love to work with you on your website and graphic design projects, we are happy to provide you with useful information that will help you manage your own site.

Get Better Rankings

Learn how you can get better rankings in search engines like Google and Bing.

Knowing What Works

Knowing what works and what doesn’t is essential to the success of your website.

Dress to Impress

Everyone knows you need to dress to impress a potential employer or new client.

Social Media Strategy

Having an effective social media strategy is vital to the success of your small business.

Fast Paced Culture

In today’s fast paced culture people are not going to wait to get information about your company.

Walking a Tightrope

Do you feel like your small business is walking a tightrope? Then you need to read this blog post.

Rainy Days

Learning how to weather a storm is essential if you want to create a more stable business model.

A Complicated Process?

Does the thought of having a website designed seem too complicated and a little overwhelming?

Leap of Faith

Having a new website designed hoping it will improve business may seem like a leap of faith.

Roll the Dice

Why roll the dice when you choose a website design company? Choosing the right company is essential.

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