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Website Design Process – Learn How We Build Websites

The list below outlines the website design process we follow here at My Island Designs, of course, it’s a lot more detailed than that, but we will get into that in more detail later. To learn more about the process of designing, developing and maintaining a successful website, just stop by our office for a free consultation.

Step 1

Project Planning


The first step is to define your goals and the project scope. Creating a detailed plan for your new website is essential to your success, and it provides us with the information we need to design a site focused on achieving your goals.

Step 2

Gather Content

Now that you have a plan it is time to gather the content for your website, which may include text, images, pictures, videos, and other content. Contact us if you need help collecting or creating the content for your site.

Step 3

Design Website

Website Design

Great, we have all of the content for your site, now we can design the graphics, format the pictures for use on the site and create a website layout that will elegantly display all of the great content you provided us.

Step 4


Web Development

Now that the layout has been created, we can add the approved content to your site. During this phase, we also install any additional software required to support required functions such as calendars, forms, shopping, etc.

Step 5

Site Testing

Website Testing

Testing is an often overlooked aspect of website design and development, but not at My Island Designs. We test your new site on multiple platforms including smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktop computers.

Step 6

Site Launch

Website Launch

Fantastic, testing revealed no issues, and it is time to publish your website. At this point, your site is visible to the search engines, which will index your site to make it easier for people to find using keywords related to your business.

Step 7


Website Maintenance

Everything went well, and your website is now live, but there is one final issue, your site must be maintained. You need to develop an ongoing maintenance plan to ensure your website continues to function properly.

Who Is Involved in the Website Design Process?

Our lead designer is James Turner, the owner of My Island Designs, and he is the person you will meet during your free consultation. James will help you with the first step of the process, which is planning. After your goals have been established, and the scope of your project is clear we will gather all of the content for your site and if needed, Samantha Neff, our graphic designer will create images and format pictures for use on your site.

Website Design Process Team
Now that we have all of the content for your site James and our team of web designers will begin the process of developing your site, which includes creating a layout for your site. We will use the guidance you provided, and your colors of choice to create a mobile friendly website that includes all of the functions you requested during and after your free consultation.

Ongoing Website Maintenance – The Final Step

The last stages of the project include client review, making any necessary revisions and launching the website. After your site launches, it will need to be maintained. You may manage it yourself, choose one of our maintenance plans or pay as you go. We offer hourly support services that allow you to pay only for the maintenance services you need.

Website Maintenance Process

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