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Elevate your brand identity with our outstanding website logo design services, tailored to give your business the competitive edge it deserves.

Website Logo Design Services

You may ask yourself, what is a website logo design, and why would I ever need one? The answer is simple; not all logo designs are suitable for use on a website, where logos often need to be more horizontally oriented to optimize the limited screen space available on each device. These days logos need to look great on business cards, print materials, and many different devices, including desktop computers, laptops, tablets, and smartphones.

Several Logos for Your Website?

One version of your logo may be sufficient, and we will help you determine if additional versions of your logo are needed. However, ensuring your logo looks perfect on all devices may require more than one version of your logo or more than one size. 

The logos on this page were designed for use in the navigation header area at the top of a website. In some cases, a print-friendly version of the logo was created for the client using the same style.

Florida Boating World

Florida Boating World Logo



Space Coast News

Space Coast News Logo

My Orlando Designs

My Orlando Designs Logo

Cocoa Beach Website Design

Cocoa Beach Website Design Logo

Captain Santos Fishing Charters

Captain Santos Website Design Logo

Bayport Condominiums

Bayport Condos Website Logo

Chillin Air AC Repair

Chillin Air Logo

Dragon Artworks

Icon Dragon Artworks

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The Power of a Memorable Logo

Our creative team of seasoned logo designers at My Island Designs understands the power of a memorable logo, and we’re committed to crafting one-of-a-kind visual representations that encapsulate your brand’s essence. We use our extensive knowledge of design principles and industry trends to create a logo that will set you out from the competition and resonate with your ideal customers. Trust our proven expertise to provide you with a captivating, timeless logo that not only resonates with your customers but also drives brand recognition and growth for your online presence. Experience the difference of My Island Designs’ website logo design services today!

Multiple Logo Design Revisions Included

The staff at My Island Designs wants you to love the new logo for your website, which is why we offer a minimum of two revisions. We also offer website logo design services that allow for unlimited revisions at a very reasonable price. If you are ready to get started just contact us and we will get right to work on your project.


As the world goes digital, the importance of a professionally designed website has never been more critical. And we get it, your business is your passion. Allow us to ignite that fire and set your online presence ablaze in 2023.

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