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Discover the unparalleled creative excellence of My Island Designs, your go-to graphic design company that consistently delivers visually stunning and innovative brand logos and website logo designs tailored to your unique needs.

A Merritt Island Graphic Design Company

My Island Designs is a Merritt Island, Florida website and graphic design company offering our services worldwide, and to clients on the Space Coast of Florida. Contact us today for a free quote on your project if you need to hire a graphic designer. We specialize in website graphics, such as logo design, icons, banners, and web ads—high-quality services at an affordable price.

Brand Logos and Website Logo Design Services

Logo Design and Redesign

Our team of highly trained, professional logo designers works tirelessly to produce eye-catching designs that will boost your brand and captivate the attention of your target audience. With a proven track record of success in various industries, our unmatched dedication to customer satisfaction, and a portfolio brimming with exceptional work, My Island Designs is the clear choice for all your graphic design needs.

Whether you need a new logo design or want to redesign your current logo, we can help. Our graphic designer will work with you to create the perfect logo for your business. We offer unlimited revisions, so we will keep working with you until your logo looks exactly how you want it to look.

Bodworx Text Logo

Bodworx Text Logo

Space Coast Best

Logo Space Coast Best

VIP Nails & Facials

VIP Nails & Facials

Florida Boating World

Florida Boating World Logo

Beautiful Nails & Spa

Beautiful Nails Spa Logo

Glass Phoenix Designs

Phoenix Designs Logo

Logo Redesigns and Vectorization

If you already have a great logo, but it is not in a suitable format for printing, then we can help. Our graphic design team can vectorize your current logo and provide you with the file type your printer needs to create large banners, signs, business cards or for any other purpose.

Pytha Realty Logo
Although we did not create this logo, we did vectorize it so that Pytha Realty could use it in their advertising campaigns. We started with a tiny image, then our graphic design team recreated it and provided it to the client as a vector file and in pdf format, either of which can be used by any printer to create banners, signs or anything else you would need.


As the world goes digital, the importance of a professionally designed website has never been more critical. And we get it, your business is your passion. Allow us to ignite that fire and set your online presence ablaze in 2023.

My Island Designs

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