WordPress Website Maintenance Services

My Island Designs’ WordPress website maintenance services provide businesses with the peace of mind and support they need to keep their site running smoothly and efficiently. WordPress website maintenance solutions improve site functionality, security, and user-friendliness, boosting digital visibility and client engagement.

Affordable WordPress Website Maintenance Services

If you don’t have the time or staff to manage your site in-house, our WordPress website maintenance services are the best way to ensure your site is always secure and up to date. We can perform scheduled and time-sensitive updates to your WordPress site, such as adding new content, updating plugins and themes, and managing security. My Island Designs offers yearly website maintenance packages for businesses of all sizes designed to save you money.

Comprehensive Maintenance Services

Our skilled maintenance team works tirelessly to keep your website current, protected, and fine-tuned for optimal user experience and search engine results. By entrusting your website’s maintenance to us, you can focus on your core business operations, knowing that your online platform is in capable hands.

Comprehensive maintenance services encompass regular updates, security enhancements, and performance optimizations, all aimed at providing visitors with a seamless and engaging experience. With My Island Designs, you can rest assured that your WordPress website will continue to thrive, driving growth and bolstering your business’s digital success.

Blogs & Calendars

  Tell your visitors about your company, employees, products and anything else that you are doing to provide them with better value. Letting your visitors know about upcoming sales, special promotions or online offers is an excellent way to engage your customers online. Using a blog and event calendar are two more great ways to keep customers informed.

Social Media

WordPress is the #1 content management system because it is both powerful and flexible allowing you to create any site. However, WordPress needs to be regularly maintained to ensure your website remains secure, and contnues to function properly. Our designers know what is required to keep your website safe, secure, and functioning properly.


Regular Updates

The major search engines and visitors to your site both like to see new content. After all, content is king, and our maintenance services ensure high-quality content is added to your website on a regular basis. By regularly updating your site with fresh content related to your business, you will be encouraging search engines and visitors to return more often.

Shopping Cart

Maintaining a secure environment for online shoppers is essential, one mistake and the good name of your business could be permanently damaged. Our staff will ensure that SSL certificates and other components of your site are always secure and up to date, providing your customers with a fantastic online shopping experience.

About the WordPress Website Maintenance Process

Our WordPress website maintenance services operate discreetly in the background, ensuring either no downtime or minimal disruption, depending on the nature and scope of the updates. WordPress-built websites briefly enter maintenance mode during updates, typically lasting just a few seconds for most enhancements.

Website Maintenance


As the world goes digital, the importance of a professionally designed website has never been more critical. And we get it, your business is your passion. Allow us to ignite that fire and set your online presence ablaze in 2023.

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