Shea and Shea Business Solutions Website Redesign Project

The Shea and Shea Business Solutions was already being powered by WordPress, but it was not mobile-friendly, was poorly designed and needed a redesign badly. Our website design team used a mobile-first strategy to redesign the site to ensure it would look fantastic on any device, not just desktop computers. We updated the navigation structure to make it clearer and more accessible, added larger and higher quality images and restructured the site to make it easier for visitors to find the most important pages.

The Results Were Amazing – The New Site Is Mobile-Friendly

The results of the mobile-first website redesign were amazing; the site was now mobile-friendly and well organized with excellent navigation. One of the most useful functions we added was a new contact form to make it easier for clients to contact them, but harder for spammers to do so.

A Mobile-Friendly Website Redesign Project

Shea and Shea Business Solutions Responsive Website Redesign

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