60% of Searches Are Mobile

Is Your Website Mobile-Friendly?

Your competitors hope it’s not!

Your Competitors Are Happy Your Site Isn’t Mobile-Friendly

Over 60% of all searches are now on mobile devices, a number that will only continue to grow. So you need to ask yourself, is my site mobile-friendly? That means much more than merely being able to view your site on a smartphone; your site must be easy to navigate, and the content must look great on these devices.


If your website does not look great and function properly on smartphones you are turning away a significant number of potential customer/clients.


Tablets may not be as popular as smartphones, but unlike desktops, their use is growing, which means your website needs to accomodate this device.

iPhones & iPads

Our mobile-first designs look great on any iPhone or iPad, if it’s an Apple smartphone or tablet, your site will look great, and function perfectly.

Android Devices

My Island Designs uses a mobile-first design process to ensure your site looks fantastic, regardless of the brand or type of device your visitors use.

Don't Lose Sales/Leads to Your Competitors

When a potential customer or client lands on your website can they find what they are looking for quickly? If your website is not mobile-friendly, they will only back out of your site and click the next link on the search engine results page, which means you just handed a new customer or client to one of your competitors.

Mobile Searches are Growing Fast

The number of searches using mobile devices has been growing fast, and that number has reached a point where it is impossible to ignore the need for a mobile-friendly website.


2015 Search Percentage


2017 Search Percentage

Woman Shopping Using Smartphone


In 2022, having a professionally designed website is more important than ever. We know how much you love your business, and we are ready to help you succeed.

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