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What works for one website or business may not work for yours, so we offer a conversion rate optimization service to test and improve conversion rates, increasing leads. We can run A/B split tests on almost any site element to determine what works best for your business—no more guessing. We can tell you with 100% certainty which page elements produce better results. We can test your site’s images, buttons, text, and other aspects.

What is Split Testing and How Does it Work?

Split testing as it relates to website design is the process of conducting an experiment to measure the performance of two or more variations of a page element. For example, you can test the results of using two different colors for your add to cart buttons. For your convenience, below we have provided a basic timeline style description of the A/B split testing process.


Design Variations

Design Variations

After you have decided what you need to test you will need to create design variations in order to begin your A/B split test. Your variations can be as simple as two different colored buttons or as complex as two different landing page designs.


Splitting Traffic

Splitting Traffic

My Island Designs uses split testing software that automatically divides the traffic to the page being tested. Visitor 1 will see variation A, and visitor 2 will see variation B, ensuring an impartial viewing of each variation being tested.


Conversion Rates

Conversion Rates

The split testing process continues until we have enough data to determine the winner, which depends on the page’s amount of traffic and the amount of data you wish to collect. Conversion rates are determined by the increased percentage of actions the winning design variation receives.


Report Results

Report Results

The last step is analyzing the data and presenting you with a detailed report explaining the results of the test. The client decides whether changes are made and whether to continue testing new design variations to improve the conversion rate.

No More Guessing – Scientific Testing Methods Ensure Accuracy

Instead of guessing which landing page, image, form, button or other element is right for your site, an A/B split test like the example shown above will tell you with certainty the design variation that gets more clicks on YOUR website. The variations will be automatically rotated, so each visitor will only see one version of your element. The bottom line is an experiment like this eliminates the need for guesswork and tells you the winner with absolute certainty.

Let’s Consider a Button Test Where the Red Button Performed Better

Conversion Rate Optimization is an Ongoing Process

Now let’s take conversion rate optimization a step further. After determining a red button worked better than a green button we are going to change the text from “Contact Us” to “Get in Touch” and test it again to see if we can increase your conversion rates even more. This type of testing is an ongoing process and should be continued until you are confident you are getting the best possible results.

We Can Split Test Almost Anything

The button split test was only one example of how conversion rate optimization can benefit your business. We can also test a variety of other page elements or even entire sections of your page. For example, maybe you want to know which text copy would produce better conversions, or if one image works better than another. Perhaps you want to change the text, images and buttons for an entire page section to see if a different design would work better. Well, we can do all of that and more, and provide you with real data showing you what worked best.

Test Two Versions of an Image

Let’s split test two very similar versions of the same image.

Handshake Split Test A
Handshake Split Test B

Split Test Two Different Images

Let’s split test two different images that have the same theme.

Important in Life Split Test A
Important in Life Split Test B

The Value of Split Testing

Now that you understand the unlimited value our conversion rate optimization service offers your business, and how much split testing can help your business grow, why haven’t you contacted us yet? Our services will not only help you get the most out of your website, but they will also help you crush your competition and ensure everyone in your area knows who is #1.

More Conversion Rate Optimization Examples

Below we have listed a few more examples of split testing. However, the possibilities are endless, and we can test almost anything you want to test. Just give us a call if you have any questions about our conversion rate optimization services.

  • Buttons
  • Images
  • Text
  • Sliders
  • Videos
  • Sections
  • Colors
  • Shapes
  • Sizes
  • Borders
  • Form Submissions
  • Calls to Action
  • Newsletter Signup
  • Website Registration
  • External Links


In 2022, having a professionally designed website is more important than ever. We know how much you love your business, and we are ready to help you succeed.

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