The Best Company Logo Design Ideas

Creating a Fantastic Logo for Your Company

There are many reasons why your company logo design needs to be fantastic, and if your current logo isn’t, it should be updated immediately. Creating a modern version of their logo is standard practice for large corporations. In the last decade, you have seen a significant shift towards simplified logo designs. Simplifying your design is an easy way to ensure your logo will always look its best whether it is displayed on a website, sign, in a magazine or another print format.

Talk to a Professional Graphic Designer

Consulting with a professional graphic designer is the first step in creating a fantastic logo for your business. Talking to someone with experience in company logo design can help you brainstorm design concepts, find the right colors, and learn how to research what other companies in your industry are doing.

Different people will have different views of your logo, so knowing your customers or clients is essential if you want your new design to wow your target market. Color is an essential part of any logo design, so selecting colors that elicit the desired emotions is an integral part of the process.

Windows 10 Installation

A fantastic custom logo we created for a client.

What Is Your Goal?

Your goal should be to create a logo that will translate well to any format. It must look fantastic as an icon, used on a business card, or scaled as large as a billboard. The design should give clients and customers a feeling of trust and quality, and they should immediately get a feel for who you are as a company.

Know the Target Market of Your Logo

  • Goal/Mission
  • Target Market
  • Colors Matter
  • Simple Style
  • Local Feeling
  • Focused
  • Industry Relevant
  • Memorable
  • Modern Design
  • Versatile
  • Scalable
  • Distinctive
  • Legible Text

“Remember, you are not designing a logo for your business, you are designing a logo for your customers, so test, test, and test some more before you settle on the final design.”

A Logo Needs to Look Great on a Website and in Print Media

Here is an example of a logo we designed to look fantastic and maintain branding on a company website and in print media. A logo must be versatile, so it can effectively represent your brand no matter where you use it.

Round Print Logo

Harbor Isles Round Logo

Website Logo

Harbor Isles Website Logo

Web/Print Logo

Harbor Isles Logo

Let’s Look at the Logo for Our Company as an Example

When we created the My Island Designs logo, we followed the principles outlined in this article. Color, use in different media, the ability to separate logo and text, and branding appeal were all considered during the logo design process.

Cropped App Icon 512x512 2

Logo Without Text

Unless you use a text-only logo, it should be possible to separate the logo and text while maintaining brand awareness. Using a stand-alone icon version will allow you to use your logo in many instances where text would be unreadable, like in social media profiles.

Horizontal Orientation Website Logo

Vertically oriented logos are not usually recommended for use on a website because they occupy too much “above the fold” real estate (the portion of a web page that is visible without scrolling). While branding is important, above-the-fold space is essential for conveying your message as quickly as possible, and hopefully before the visitor loses interest and moves on to another website.

Logo My Island Designs Horizontal

Print Logo Use for Signage and Other Uses

When space is not an issue, and there are no “above the fold” limitations to consider, you can use a vertically oriented logo like shown below. The vertical logo style is what we prefer for our signage, banners, the back of our business cards, and many other print materials. We could, of course, use the horizontal logo, but just as a vertical logo is seldom the best choice for a website, a horizontal logo is not always a good choice for print media.

There are certainly exceptions to the rule. For example, we use the horizontal version on letterheads because it looks fantastic as a full-width logo for that particular use. We are sure you will find other use cases where a horizontal orientation would be preferable, which is why your design needs to be flexible.

Logo My Island Designs

Final Thought on the Best Company Logo Design

You may want to keep an open mind and forget about your current business colors and logo style. Changing your business colors and logo could be expensive, and it may feel overwhelming, but the long-term benefits will make it all worthwhile.

Although it is impossible to teach you how to create the best company logo design for your business, we have pointed you in the right direction. So let’s go back to the beginning and contact a graphic designer specializing in logo design.

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