Dress to Impress

Everyone knows you need to dress to impress a potential employer or new client, but what would they think about your old out of date website design? If your website is not clean, modern and mobile friendly your website is giving potential clients, customers or employers the impression that you do not follow current tech trends, are not good at keeping things up to date or you are just not concerned about your public appearance.

Easy to Manage

At My Island Designs we recommend using WordPress to create your website, since it is a very flexible and easy to use content management system that will allow you to personally manage your website. Once the website has been setup and designed you do not need to know anything about website design or coding in order to manage your site. You can easily add pages, posts and other content using the WordPress dashboard.


Easy to Maintain

A WordPress website is also easy to maintain, with regular updates available to ensure your new site remains secure and the features you have added continue to function properly. Updating the website, theme and the plugins that control the design of and add additional functionality to your site is as easy as selecting the items to be updated (which are highlighted for you) and clicking a button.


Getting Started With WordPress

Most website hosts will either install WordPress for you or have an application that allows you to install it with the click of a button. If you would like to install it manually you can download WordPress yourself and install it.

After you have WordPress up and running on your site you can choose to use custom WordPress themes to help you with the layout of your site or add WordPress plugins to add additional functionality to your website.

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