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Improving customer satisfaction is very important for any small business, as it creates loyal customers who tend to buy more of your products and services. This type of customer may very well provide you with repeat business for a lifetime, and even to subsequent generations as your children take over the family business. Just as you have structured your business to provide better customer support, a website also needs to be well designed so visitors and customers can find the information and support they are looking for fast.


How a Website Can Improve Customer Satisfaction

There are many ways a website can help you improve customer satisfaction, and offering better support services 24/7 is one of the best. Providing your customers with detailed information about you, your business and the products/services you offer can help answer many of the questions they may have, which will reduce the number of calls and emails you receive and make your customers happy because they found an answer to their question.

Some of the best ways to provide information to your customers include creating detailed pages for products or services, about us, frequently asked questions and a blog/news/events section. This allows you to answer their questions, keep them up to date on any changes to your products or services and also let them know in advance about upcoming events, policy changes or any other news.


Make It Easier for Customers to Contact You

One big mistake we see on many small business websites is a lack of contact information, or the improper placement of this information. The goal of your website should be to encourage interactions, not make it harder. Problem customers are much easier to deal with early in the process, before they get too upset. Adding your numbers, address and a contact form will make it easy for them to contact you and they will surely appreciate it. Just make sure the emails are sent to an address you check often, the sooner you reply the better the outcome will be, especially when dealing with someone who is already upset but does not want to call you.

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