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Shopping Cart Website Design

We offer shopping cart website design focused on creating online stores that are user-friendly for the customer yet easy to manage for the client. Some essential elements of our e-Commerce shopping carts are fast-loading times and user-friendly layouts with responsive, mobile-friendly designs. We highly recommend using WordPress and the WooCommerce shopping cart, the world’s #1 shopping cart solution.

Shopping is Easy

Abandoned shopping carts are often caused by a checkout process that is not easy to understand, but our shopping carts offer a streamlined and intuitive checkout process.

Social Media

Everyone knows word of mouth is the best form of advertising, which is why social media integration is essential to the success and growth of your online business.

Gift Certificates

Our shopping cart website designs allow you to sell gift certificates and offer discount coupons, which can help you increase sales and build customer loyalty.

Secure Payments

One of the biggest concerns people have about shopping online is safety, so we incorporate the latest SSL technology into the design of your site to ensure security.

Shopping Cart Configuration

During our initial consultation, we will discuss your current needs and long-term goals, which will allow our team to design the perfect shopping cart website for your business. Features can be added or removed now or in the future to ensure your website provides the best possible experience for you and your customers.

Shopping Cart Website Design

Shopping Cart Features

Many features can be installed on your site, so the following is just a partial list. Depending on your needs these features may or may not be useful.

  • Gift Certificates
  • Discount Coupons
  • Credit Card Payments
  • Social Media
  • Shipping Services
  • Guest Checkout

WordPress WooCommerce Website Example

This is a mobile view of a WordPress WooCommerce website designed by My Island Designs.

Bodworx WordPress WooCommerce Website Screenshot


In 2022, having a professionally designed website is more important than ever. We know how much you love your business, and we are ready to help you succeed.

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