Rainy Days

Every small business has its “rainy days” whether they are figurative or your business is directly affected by the weather. Learning how to weather a storm is essential if you want to create a more stable business model. My Island Designs  has been helping people do just that for over fifteen years, and we are happy to share our experience with small business owners in Merritt Island, Florida and around the world.


Don’t Just Weather the Storm, Excel

You will find there is a recurring theme on this site, why having the right small business website design can not only help you weather the bad times, but help you excel during those times. There is an ancient Chinese proverb that states there is opportunity in crisis. If you think about that for a minute you will understand there really are great opportunities for your small business, even in the worst of times. The key is to be ready to take advantage of those opportunities when they present themselves.


Small Business Management

There are many ways a website can help you grow and manage your small business, while preparing for the new opportunities that will surely come your way. Below we have listed just a few examples of how you can provide potential clients and customers more opportunities to interact with your business, provide them with better support and to manage some aspects of your business using your website.

  • Contact Forms
  • FAQ’s Page
  • Live Chat
  • Google Maps
  • Blog
  • About Us Page
  • Product Pages
  • Service Pages
  • Event Calendars
  • Online Booking
  • Appointment Manager
  • Client Invoicing

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